Camay Beauty Products launched in Kenya

As I was going about my typical busy day at work, I received a call from the reception that I had a visitor. At first I was very furious since I was too busy to leave my desk yet there was someone waiting for me. I decided to ignore but five minutes later the receptionist personally came to my desk and told me that there was a man with flowers requesting to see me personally.
I wondered who could that be with flowers, the first thing I noticed was the flowers and the card. The gentleman was doing special delivery for the invited guests to the #scentofwoman launch event at Kempinski on 24th June. The invite did not reveal details but it was so enticing.


It was a great honor to be invited as one of the guests on such occasions I am always on the other side trying to make sure  that guests are well taken care of. The dress code was Tres Chic, very interesting indeed I had no idea what I would wear but decided to go for a simple blue outfit with a touch of the theme colour which was fuchsia.

A day later I received another call and this time round they brought me a scented candle and massage voucher at Kempinski. Clearly this was a sign of good things ahead.
The D-day finally came, fast forward to the event, the look and feel of the event was out of this world, and it brought out the essence of the event with pure white couches arranged around the room. A dressing table with Camay products on display, a massage corner with some attractive bare chest men who were on standby for a massage session.

The brand team took the guests through the event’s agenda showcasing a range of products that will be available in retail stores across the country. The brand activation team will also be in different malls engaging consumers on the product.
The beauty brand consists of a body lotion, Roll-on antiperspirant deodorant, Spray antiperspirant deodorant as well as a beauty soap. Camay has 3 distinctive fragrances; Romantic, Pure Refresh and captivation to cater for the varying scents that women want.

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Of all the products I loved Camay Romantic Lotion and Antiperspirant, its scent and packaging is great. However if you are allergic to strong scents you might have a problem with these products. The scent sticks on you for a longer period. I will most definitely check out other products that they have in retails stores.

Camay’s enduring scents are inspired by French fragrances and designed by top perfumers to reflect the latest fragrance trends. Camay beauty products contain a drop of real perfume so their individual scents are designed with top, heart and base notes to deliver sophisticated scent characters for 24 hours, which are comparable to real perfume, to ensure women feel and smell their most attractive throughout the day.

Camay Brand Manager Victoria Kieti Chesire, said “Camay recognises the femininity of today’s woman while appreciating her attractiveness, confidence, hard work, and achievements all the while bringing out her gorgeous self, and sensuality through the glow of her skin serenaded by moisture and beautiful fragrances a relationship of scent, moisture and skin”

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