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Martini Partners with Mille Collines a Flagship menwear store

Fashion brand Mille Collines in partnership with MARTINI celebrate a major milestone, the launch of the Mille Collines flagship menswear store and ad campaign; Born To Succeed. The campaign, designed in collaboration with Africa fashion consultant, Diana Opoti, will celebrate the success of a new generation of the successful African gentlemen while introducing the brand’s new range of apparel for the business professional.

The campaign, Born to Succeed will pay homage to five successful men based in Kenya who have excelled in their area of expertise.

The campaign introduces,


  1. Fareed Khimani; Media Owner & Radio Personality,
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  3. Abraham Ali; documentary photographer & Conservationist,
  4. _MG_8503
  5. Franklin Saiyalel, Fashion Blogger & Social Media strategist,
  6. _MG_7694
  7. Eric Thimba, Marketing and Brand Strategist
  8. _MG_8154
  9. Fredd Kambo, Investment Principal
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