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Fashion Tip:- Party Glamour;- Bling things a little for that special event

Fashion Tip:- Party Glamour;- Bling things a little for that special event

River Island black cocktail dress
$83 –

Kate spade purse

$220 –

Onyx ring

Daisy Jewellery stud earrings
$60 –


Dress Down Friday:- Go for flirty floral top and matching shoes so that the look becomes more funky. Team with matching accessories

Dress Down Friday:- Go for flirty floral top and matching shoes so that the look becomes more funky. Team with matching accessories

Fashion Tip:- Treat trimmed collars as accessories unto themselves, leave jewelry at home

Fashion Tip:- Treat trimmed collars as accessories unto themselves, leave jewelry at home

Black dress

Pink shirt

James Lakeland brown coat
$245 –

Jimmy choo shoes
$985 –

Lipsy platform shoes
$91 –

Of Raw Vegetables in the name of Green Smoothie

What you need to know about  Green Smoothies 

  1. They are very nutritious they have Vitamin C, Calcium, and Magnesium.
  2. Green smoothie plays a critical role to the skin especially acne prone skin, it is also good for detoxing, anything to do with cutting down on weight issues this is the solution.
  3. It is important to at least take green smoothie twice a week
  4. Green smoothies are complete food since they have fibers
  5. Avocado plays a critical role in preparing the smoothies, it makes it smoother
  6. Always ensure you balance the fruits  and greens for the nutritional value
  7. Always ensure there is a sweetener in your smoothie if you are starting this journey. The sweetness will motivate you try out different ingredients. Sweeteners include berries, bananas, mango etc.
  8. Alternate the ingredients each day however ensure they are balanced.
  9. Try not to add milk to the smoothie, it will lose its meaning (green  smoothie) J, instead use water or coconut milk
  10. Ensure that you cut the greens into tiny pieces so  that it is easier to blend
  11. Liquid should form the base then vegetables that are faster to blend followed by the harder fruits come on top e.g apples, grapes, pear, carrots, bet roots etc.
  12. If you feel like spicing up your green smoothie you can add cinnamon, coconut oil, flax seed, Almond Butter
  13. Add Ice cubes when blending to make it chilly, alternatively freeze the fruits before blending them.
  14. Serve immediately since it loses its nutrients when it stays longer

Below is a simple recipe for starters

  • A cup water
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 mango
  • 1 avocado
  • Three spinach leaves

Blend  for two minutes and everything together and serve immediately

 Very Important - QUALITY BLENDER

Very Important – QUALITY BLENDER







The inside of your bag tells a lot about you….

Ladies carry different types of handbags in different sizes, colors and designs.  Some ladies prefer bigger bags to smaller bags and the other way round. They carry them to work, church, occasions and even some go with them to parties!!! The last part I never get it at all, why would one go with a hand bag to a party?


A woman without a handbag feels as lost as a wanderer in the desert. However this is not the case we have ladies who don’t carry handbags instead they opt for smaller versions such as clutch bags or tote bags. There are those that don’t carry one at all, I have a colleague who rarely carries a handbag, she varies her money and phone in her trouser pockets.

Ladies carry handbags for different reasons, some are used for day to day activities, others are used for special occasions such as weddings or parties among others. As much as bags are used as accessories to match our outfits, shoes or any other accessories, it is essential to have one for the purpose of keeping all necessary items needed.


Question what do ladies carry in those handbags? Women are known for carrying all kinds items in handbags which has resulted to ridicule based on the size and weight.  Some bags have been christened “fornication bags” because of their sizes.

A handbag is a necessity however big or small for some specific reasons but most importantly it is a solution for keeping all items required by a lady as we go about our day to day activities. Ladies tend to have all kinds of items in the bag that either are necessary or not. It is very important to arrange your bag in a manner that will enable you get your items faster.


Have you ever been embarrassed when you opened a bag in front of someone? Reason being it is disorganized and you don’t seem to find what you are looking for. Sometimes you remove some things that are not for public displays J yes we usually have those moments.

How about you invested in smaller bags that can accommodate various items you carry every day or use occasionally but need them anyway in the bag.


It is important to ensure that you check your bag at least twice a week and get rid of items that are not necessary. For instance receipts or coins which you can move to your coin container. When this is done you will notice that your bag is not heavy with items that are not necessary at all.


There are smaller bags that are good when it comes to itemizing stuff that go to your bag. One can buy them cheaply at any second hand outlet for as little as Kshs. 50 depending with the size and make. I have several of smaller bags for the sake of keeping my bag well organized and manageable when looking for anything without turning it upside.

 Make Up bag 1

The makeup bag has; Nivea lotion, Tissues, wet wipes, Dettol Hand sanitizer, Rexona Roll on, Midnight Pomegranate fragrance mist, toothbrush, Jelly comb, Comb, Sanitary Towels, and a headband


Make up Bag 2

You might be wondering why I have two make up bags. I opted to divide for the purpose of ease. The first one is used where necessary, the second comes in handy when I want to spruce up my face.

This has my lipsticks Constance  Carroll UK (royal red, copper tint, Mahogany) I use these occasionally, water proof mascara that I rarely use, Eye pencil that I use once in a while, Lip-gloss my daily wear, Vaseline, sleek Makeup powder, mirror and hair pins


Notebook Bag

All my note books for work, home and other activities that might need a book go in there, it also serves as pencil porch where I put my pencil, pens, rubber, ruler and eraser. All receipts and anything in the name of paper is put in this bag.



This is a must, it has money, credit cards, my family photographs, and other important documents that might be required where necessary.


Business Card and Flash disk holder

This bag carries all my business card for work and personal, flash disks, car keys, camera and earphones. It also has a mini pocket for coins.


Sunglasses holder

The sun is all out there, sometimes you need to protect yourself from the sun hence very important to carry your sunglasses where need be.


All the above bags play critical roles in bag organization since I know where I can find what wherever I need. It helps my bag look neat and well organized.

There you go now go ahead and arrange your handbag following the above tips.