Flavia Murugi’s Rainbow Book Launch

“What is a rainbow forms and the destruction that was to be never becomes?”

I got an invite recently from a friend, I knew through my hiking group Kwea Milele. She was launching her second book (Rainbow) at the same time launching her other projects that are in the pipeline. Well.. well she kept on reminding us to come dressed in rainbow colors which was the theme of the day.


I looked through my wardrobe for anything that would look elegant with all those colors. Remember Rainbow colors are a combination of Red, Purple, yellow, blue, orange etc.  Clearly one needs so much efforts to pull it off without looking like a clown.


I opted for a  mint green drop sleeveless dress with red clutch bag and shoes.  At first I was not keen on this trend but having tried it out I must say, this is a must have in your wardrobe. The dress brings out elegance and comfort with the fun and freshness of a long and shorter dress combined.

DSC06044 DSC06045 DSC06047

Typical Kenyans arrived two hours later since the event could not get started with only a handful people. Eventually the room filled up and Flavia started her presentation. Flavia left employment  at the age of 28 to start a journey that is aimed at inspiring people especially young people based on her real life experience. How many people would leave employment and venture into such at  a young age? I highly doubt me included. This is the age we want to to work harder get promotions, go back to school for further studies, think of settling down, saving to go for trips etc.


The book is written based on her real life experience beginning with her grandmother’s generation through to her, the content of the book has stories that no one would want to share especially if it is family related because we are scared of the judgmental world. She had to come out in the open and share her stories as a way of letting those suffering in silence to  find ways of how they can share their experience and learn from each other.


During her presentation she mentioned something that was a wake up call for me. One statement she made that kept me thinking all through and felt touched, “there might be some dark clouds which means  that there all is not going as planned but do you have an idea what is beyond the dark clouds? there is sun shine that will be brighter than you ever thought, hence do not dwell on the dark clouds but dwell on the aftermath.”

I like her energy, vigor and optimism in all that she is doing that eventually she will fulfill what her late mother never ever fulfilled.

Don’t you think this is Inspiring?

This is the Summary of the Book  (The Rainbow)

“Clouds are considered a sign of rain that is to fall. In our daily lives sometimes our background or history can be used to determine the fate of future generations. The clouds of circumstances and especially negative ones can be used to predict a rainfall of destruction. But what if a rainbow forms and the determination that was to be never becomes?

The book is an inspiration of the fact that God’s promises to us are the Rainbow of the covenant. He makes with us maybe just like He did with Noah. The Rainbow can definitely influence circumstances to the better, dispel history and yes give room for change.”

995498_579704285399564_1071782889_n 1378528_579704362066223_904921503_n 1385338_579704585399534_1039869098_n

The book which is 44 pages and written in simple  and understandable real life scenarios  is retailing at Kshs 500.

Please like her page to get insights on her projects and details of how you can find the book.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Flavia-Murugi/496265693743424


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