The 10 Commandments Of Women’s Workplace Fashion

Thought Catalog

As a young 20-something with a business degree, I am fully aware that I know virtually nothing. I have no real tangible skills, no noteworthy experience, no professional certifications, nothing. However, a year of walking busy uptown streets, waiting in line at Starbucks, and sitting in on meetings has taught me one thing: how to dress. Women of Corporate America are collectively making some thoroughly atrocious choices before showing up to work every morning, and quite frankly my eyeballs hurt from continually falling out of my head. So let’s get a few things straight here, once and for all. Imagine that these rules have been carved into two slabs of stone that are being delivered to you, except instead of coming down from a mountaintop, they’re being delivered from the bottom rung of the corporate ladder.


1. You shall not put a few extra minutes of sleep above basic hair…

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