7 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be A Happy Person

Thought Catalog

1. The people who have already told you “no.”

At a certain point, even though it means swallowing the razor-tipped pill that is your pride, it’s imperative that you release the person who has already rejected you. Whether it’s the ex who dumped you, or the crush who demonstrated his squirming discomfort over your advances, or the friend-of-a-friend who never calls you back: These are all “no”s, and pretty firm ones. And while we are all the warm, gooey centers of our own universes, these people have lives and rights and boundaries, too. And just as you would feel terrible if someone you’d tried to kindly reject kept coming back, your presence is probably making them question every decision they’ve ever made. (And it makes you feel like absolute, masochistic crap in the process, so there’s that.)

2. The friends who are too interested in the superficial.

I feel like…

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