Hills in Kambaland – Iveti Hills Hike.

Have you ever heard of Hills in Kambaland?  Apparently there are hills in this part of the country. Iveti Hills stretches from Machakos Town to Kathiani/Mitaboni area and has a  man made forest called Katunga Forest. As part of Mt. Kenya trip prep  Kwea Milele organized for an easy hike the weekend just before the General Elections in Kenya. This was the climax time for  the dirty politics and the mood was already tensed, majority of Kenyans were scared of traveling to any part of the country especially in  hostile areas for fear of violence. This did not prevent us from going to explore Kambaland.

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The journey from Nairobi to Machakos is  less than an hour depending with the means of transport  and activities along the highway,given that Mombasa road is a busy highway with trucks all over especially in Mlolongo area.

DSC01494 DSC01618

The hike was not that tough as the terrain was easy and manageable except for the scotching sun and the dusty road. We passed by dry rivers that looked like they have never had water in years.  Those who followed the brief showed up with wide brimmed hats to protect themselves from the sun.

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After the hike we stopped at the famous T-Tot Hotel that is located in the Central Business District and known for their huge samosas and chapatis.

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About Machakos Town.

Machakos is a town in Kenya, 64 kilometres southeast of Nairobi. It is the capital of the Machakos County in Eastern Province of Kenya. Machakos Town is a major rural centre, and also a satellite town due to its proximity to Nairobi. Its population is rapidly growing and is 192,117 (as of 2009). People who live here are mostly the Akambas though it is a cosmopolitan town. Machakos is surrounded by hilly terrain, with a high number of family farms.( Wikipedia)

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